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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a science. A Functional Science meaning it is based on how the body works, and what the body needs to function.. that is.. the whole body!

Where possible it is evidence based and extensively researched. It can best be described as 'application of nutritional assessment and personalisation for optimising bodily function through the life stages to enhance wellness and vitality in a person'.

From personal experience and scientific evidence I can assure you that a compromised digestion affects our nutrition levels, this in turn compromises how the body responds, each and everyone of us will respond differently by way of little signs or symptoms.

You might experience new or different reactions that don't seem to be connected or you may be witnessing changes in vitality of a loved one, all of which may be subtle signs of altered nutritional state. Nutritional Therapy compliments your existing healthcare. It is not a replacement for medical advice. Please contact your GP for health conditions.

Specific functional testing can be recommended if appropriate and is often used in Nutritional Therapy to underpin and justify the 'whys' of dietary recommendations. Tightly regulated approved laboratories are used and will incur additional costs.

The practice of Nutritional Therapy is tightly regulated by BANT the (British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) of which I am a member. For more information see link. I comply with the government approved CNHC (Complimentary Natural Health Council) which is our professional practice committee regulating our codes of conduct, our performance measures and ethics. For more information see link.

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