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Don't know what to eat? Fed up with bloating or indigestion? Confused by what you read?..

... Let me help you, without food fad or fuss!!

Food choice is yours every day and is based on many lifestyle factors. Your friends may make suggestions, fabulous health claims that have helped them, but they are not built like you, and their lifestyle will differ from yours .... so perhaps it is time to seek professional and prescriptive nutritional therapy advice?

Professional nutritional therapy is no longer exclusive to athletes or movie stars, it is available to support, nourish and practically inspire you today. As a nutritional therapist and lifelong cook, it is my job to help uncover some underlying causes for your discomfort or symptoms and then encourage you to make small or simple changes that will fit into your lifestyle. It takes 36 weeks to change a habit, so little and often is far more sustainable!

I have a particular interest in working with conditions of gut health and can use functional testing to inform clinical practice. The balance of the gut microbiome or 'flora' impacts all aspects of bodily function and can be altered quickly and easily with the right diet.

I also work and can support with people who are experiencing:
Compromised Detoxification (liver)
Fat/Cholesterol Imbalances
Blood Sugar Dysregulation
Compromised Thyroid or Adrenal function
Poor Energy production
Poor Cognitive Function

I practice Nutritional Therapy from two wonderful locations; Natures Dispensary, an independent health food shop in Oakham, just click here to visit Natures Dispensary and Melton Wellness House, just click here a wellbeing clinic in the heart of Melton Mowbray. Both of which are easily accessible from Leicester, Grantham or Market Harborough.

So, if you are experiencing digestive problems, have an existing health condition or would like to know how Nutritional Therapy might help you please contact me me for a free initial conversation:

What are Functional Tests?

I use private laboratories to help inform where we might start to assess your underlying causes.
Functional tests are paid for privately and directly to the laboratory and interpreted by a nutritional therapist. The science suggests that some of these tests may be upto 15 years in advance of those used by your GP, some of which they may not even be aware of!!

Food Intolerance or Allergy Panels (Can include inhalants)
Gluten Sensitivity Screen
Fatty Acids Profile
Gut Permeability Profile
Hair Minerals
Vitamin (serum/whole blood)
Toxic Metal/Elements Profile
Comprehensive Hormone Profile - Sex Hormones/Adrenals/Thyroid
Menopause Hormone Profile
Neurotransmitter Profile
Osteoporosis Profile
Weight Loss Hormone Profile
Comprehensive Stool - Microbiology/Parasitology
To name a few..

I am registered with and use Genova Diagnostics, Regenerus Health, Biolab Medical, Thriva and Cambridge Nutritional Sciences. Test kits are generally sent via post directly to your home and returned to the laboratory. This makes it a quick and easy process for all!

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